Piano Lessons

Private and group piano lessons for students ages 4 and up.

Interested in playing an instrument or learning more about music?  Playing piano is a great place to start.  I customize my approach to meet the needs of each student, and use a variety of books and other materials to keep things interesting.  Students learn to play with expression and creativity while also developing correct technique.  I also find fun ways to include music theory and ear-training to help my students become well-rounded musicians.

There is no minimum age to begin piano lessons, because every child is different.   For many kids, 5 is a good age to begin private lessons.  For some kids, it may be better to wait a year or two, while others will be ready for lessons by age 4.  I also teach group music classes that focus on teaching students basic music concepts while preparing them for private lessons.  (See Group Classes for more information)

For children of any age, but especially younger beginners, parent involvement is an important factor.  Students whose parents are involved in their lessons and take an active role in supporting their practice at home generally progress much faster than those whose parents take a more hands-off approach.  I hope that all my students will grow to enjoy their piano practice sessions, but most kids need a little help in the beginning to develop consistent practice habits that will help them learn.  When it comes to practice, quality of practice is much more important than quantity: a few minutes each day of careful practice is more beneficial than an hour of careless playing.  I am always happy to provide practice tips and strategies for each student and their individual needs and abilities.

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